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Calibration / Instrument Testing

Our Instrumentation capabilities and service delivery covers the following sectors and industries

  • Calibration of Oil and Gas equipment and Process measurement devices
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • Pressure & level switches
  • Temperature & level transmitter and Gas detectors etc.
  • Petroleum products and crude oil assay Equipment
  • Lubricant quality testing equipment
  • LNG Quality testing equipment
  • Cement Company equipment
  • Power Generation Company equipment
  • Breweries and food industry equipment
  • Agro-Allied equipment
  • Environmental and Analytical laboratory equipment
  • Universities, State and Federal agencies equipment

Calibration / Predictive Maintenance

This provides cost efficient solutions to maximize reliability and enhance workplace safety. Benefits of incorporating calibration and predictive maintenance technologies into a company’s maintenance strategy include:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased equipment life
  • Evaluates present condition of equipment
  • Detects abnormal conditions in a timely manner
  • Improved safety
  • Weak sensitivity and other factors which can cause premature machinery damage or failure.

Monitoring the condition of equipment provides trending data to help anticipate and plan future maintenance activities, which saves time and money.

Industrial Thermal Insulation

We specialize in industrial insulation (lagging and cladding) of hot & cold pipelines, steam & cold pipelines, gas turbine exhaust expansion joint insulation


Supply and Installation of sensors

Oilight field Services specialize in the sale and installation of vibration monitoring sensors for electric motors of all kinds with great and optimal delivery for our clients.


The complexities of operations frequently require special training for those who are to operate and maintain them. To meet this objective, Oilight designs courses and course materials, conduct classroom, in-plant and on-the-job instruction training for production, operations, maintenance and   other technical staff.

We undertake Staff skill level evaluation, skill gap analysis and develop course modules to upgrade employee skills in the light of these technologies.


Oilight Field Services Limited renders procurement of oil and gas equipment, Engineering Equipment, Field measurement kits, Analytical instrument for laboratories, Universities, State and Federal agencies, private companies, and the general public with quality services.

SandBlasting & Corrosion Control

Recover and reclaimed rough surface, a smooth surface, shape a surface and remove surface contaminants at the internal and external of pipes, storage tanks, cooling tower etc.

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